Parent Representative

We Need One Qualified Parent! (VOTE CLOSED)

Thank you all for your participation.  Here are the voting results:


Wendy Lin Bieler 19.2% (20 Votes)
Cynthia Hernandez Morrison 12.5% (13 Votes)
Michelle O’Keefe 10.6% (11 Votes)
Debra White Palmer 9.6% (10 Votes)
Kimberly Samson 9.6% (10 Votes)
Daniel Rosenberg 8.7% (9 Votes)
Terri Linville 8.7% (9 Votes)
Sayeh Roberts 7.7% (8 Votes)
Liz Lew 6.7% (7 Votes)
Sherry Ghaly 3.8% (4 Votes)
Ginetta Nistoran 2.9% (3 Votes)
TOTAL 100.0% 104


There is one opening for a Parent Representative on the school’s Governance Council. It is a 2 year commitment. Governance meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month.  If you are interested, please complete the form below, including one or two paragraphs that tell us who you are, why you want to serve on Governance and why you think you are qualified.





Cynthia Hernandez Morrison (Child: Alyssa Morrison, Grade 3, Room 28)

My name is Cynthia Hernandez Morrison and this is my 5th year as a parent at Woodland Hills Elementary. My daughter started as a TK student and is now a 3rd grader. I am passionate about building a stronger partnership with all stakeholders and continually improve the quality of our educational programs. We already have a phenomenal reputation with our District and community. I am interested in strengthening our efforts through the Governance Council meetings and focusing on what is in the best interest of our children. I am currently in my 6th year as a principal at a local California Gold Ribbon and affiliated charter elementary school. I feel prepared to engage in constructive dialogue and make collaborative decisions for our school. It would be my honor to serve on the Council.

Daniel Rosenberg (Child: Leni Rosenberg, Grade 3, Room 28)

This might be the position I have been looking for to help give back to the school. I have a unique set of skills and abilities that make me somewhat of a Renaissance Man. With a background as an attorney as well as law enforcement and communications; I am well suited to look at all the facts and make decisions that could best benefit WHES. Further, I am under the radar with school politics. They have no bearing on me and no parents or school administrators will be able to impede my judgment (this I feel is essential for the role). I look for what is fair for everyone as I have an ability to be impartial, yet make sure WHES is taken care of (my loyalty is to this school).

Debra White Palmer (Child: Emerson Palmer, K, 11)

I have resided in Woodland Hills for more than 20 years. I want to be of service to WHES and believe I could best serve the school and students by serving on the school’s Governance Council.

I emigrated to the United States from Canada when I was 18 years old. I am the product of an imperfect foster care system. As a child, life was difficult, but my education grounded me. I am grateful to the teachers who gave me a break, who believed in me, and who never gave up on me. I want to give back and be of service to the school staff, to education, to my daughter, and to the future of our children.

Today, I am a graduate of UCLA Law School and certified specialist in criminal law. I find myself living the life of my dreams in a tiny house in Woodland Hills, with my daughter and husband. We are fortunate to travel to different countries every year and we love to experience the diverse cultures right here at home. My husband, Lucien Palmer, is a creative sound mixer. He works from home and has volunteered at WHES for over a year now – since Emerson was enrolled in TK. Being active in our daughter’s education, and being of service to others, cuts to the core of who we are.

Ginetta Nistoran (Children: Daniella Nistoran 4th grade, Room 8 and Theodora Nistoran 3rd grade room 31)

I have two children at WHES and I am vested in the well-doing of our school. I have experience being in the Governance Council from the time when my kids attended Enadia Way School.

I work from home and that gives me a somewhat flexibility to arrange my schedule, if my presence is required at school.

I am willing to do whatever necessary to help the school maintain and improve in all areas, from academics to attendance and character shaping and everything in between.

Kimberly Samson (Child: Tyler Samson, Kindergarten, Room 12)

I have been an active WHECES parent since 2006 and this is my third go around. This school means the world to me. I have seen firsthand what an exceptional elementary education can do for students as my older boys, both WHECES graduates, are successful students in 8th and 11th grade. I believe I have WHECES to thank for that.

I have great respect for the consistency and dedication of our amazing faculty and teachers and I am excited to work with our new principal, Mrs. Dix, as we, parents, administration and teachers, strive to improve this already exceptional school. Because I have such a long institutional memory of this school, I think I bring a wealth of experience in preserving what has been successful for this school. But because I have a brand new Kindergartner, I have fresh energy to contribute to the school’s continuing evolution.

Liz Lew (Child: James (JJ), grade 2, room 20)

In my first job as a K-12 ESL teacher 20 years ago, I got to participate on what was then called the “Site based management” Council at my school. I loved working at the intersection of teachers and families and seeing first hand what goals families envisioned for our school. Now that I’m a parent, I’ve been wanting to participate in that kind of environment on the other side, learning more about how staff and faculty see our school.

Professionally, I teach ESL and composition now at UCLA. I have a Ph.D. in Comparative Education and have studied and worked in Belgium, France, Russia, Latvia, and Afghanistan. These experiences have given me a really broad perspective on how education is shaped by culture, and have helped me appreciate the cultural richness of the communities that form WHES.

Michelle O’Keefe (Child: 3rd, room # 29)

I am a resident of this fine school and a parent of two daughters. As such, I have a vested interest in seeing our school continue to thrive for years to come.

I ask that you give me your vote to be a part of WHECES Governance Board so that I can provide a point of view from the non-SAS perspective. We make up the majority of the school and are underrepresented. It would be an honor to be part of the decision-making process for our school that serve all students’ education. I’d like to help our school continue to perform at the top notch level we’ve grown accustomed to.  Please vote for “Michelle O’Keefe” as the parent representative on the WHECES Governance Board.

Sayeh Roberts (Children: Jamison 2nd Grade rm 27, Maxwell Kindergarten rm 9)

I have 2 kids that both attend WHES and I would love to get more involved with the school. I primarily work from home which makes me schedule super flexible so I am always available to attend meetings even on short notice. Last year, I volunteered on a weekly basis in my son’s first grade class. I will be representing WHES as the parent at large at the Parent Advisory Committee on October 4. I want to be on the governance board to help do what I can do improve the school and be more involved in our community. I live very close to the school and I am actively involved in attending all community meetings – town halls, city council meetings, neighborhood council etc etc. I want to be aware and take an active role in as many aspects of my community as I can and the school is an integral part of our neighborhood. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sherry (Child: Jacob Ghaly, 1st grade, Rm. 3 )

Since we are new to this school I would like to get to more about this great school. My other little one will be joining next year, so we are deeply invested into continuing to keep this school great!

Terri Linville (Children: Meika, 3rd, Rm 28 and Emmy,K, rm 11)

My name is Terri Linville and I have 2 daughters attending WHES. (3rd and K) I’ve been a room parent for 2 years and enjoyed being the liaison between teachers and parents on the classroom level. I would love a new opportunity to work with teachers, staff and parents to continue the efforts that make our school so wonderful.

Wendy Lin Bieler (Children: Mason 1st grade Rm 4, Breanna 3rd grade Rm 22)

As a parent of 2 younger children attending this school (1st and 3rd), I am extremely vested in wanting to help ensure the best educational curriculum and environment for our students. I am an ED physician who is a product of both public and private school education. I believe in the public school system and I especially have confidence in the quality of education here at WHES. I want to see WHES continue to develop, evolve and remain a top notch school. As an annual alumni interviewer of students applying to an Ivy League University, I strongly believe that the development of the best students starts out in elementary school. It would be a privilege to serve on the Governance Committee for our students at WHES. Thank you!