5th Grade - Class of 2018

Information, Field Trips, T-Shirts & Other Fundraisers

5th Grade Field Trips

The 5th graders take two big field trips throughout the year which are planned and run by the teachers.  Those trips are:


Riley’s Farm – Tuesday, April 24 to Wednesday April 25, 2018
Nestled in the apple growing foothills of historic Oak Glen, Riley’s Farm is a working apple orchard and living history farm featuring living history education, including historically-themed overnight stays. (1 night, 2 days)


Pali Institute – Tuesday, May 29 to Friday June 1, 2018
Pali Institute offers a customized outdoor education and science program to suit the school’s requirements. Through an innovative curriculum and professional staff, the students will experience the thrill of touching, seeing and learning about the world around them. The Pali Institute brings textbooks to life! (3 nights, 4 days)


The suggested contribution amount for each 5th grade child to cover both field trips is: $700.


Please click here to make your donation for the Field Trips!


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5th Grade T-Shirt Sales

Our Class of 2018 shirt will be designed and printed over the summer. All shirts must be pre-ordered by August 25th and will be delivered in mid-September. Please email your child’s shirt size to [email protected]




Ralph's Fundraiser

 Do you shop at Ralphs?
Just swipe your Ralphs card to support our 5th grade kids. It’s easy as 1-2-3!
Ralphs has agreed to donate a percentage of your regular grocery purchases to 5th Grade. All you have to do is register your Ralphs Card online and add WHECES as your community rewards recipient.  You may keep your existing Ralphs card number.
You can register yourself, Grandma and Aunt Lucy! Our 5th grade kids will truly appreciate it!
  1. Sign in to your Ralphs account or click here to register: https://www.ralphs.com/account /create?redirectUrl=/topic/ community-contribution-2
  2. Go to Accounts and add Organization Number 84109 – Parents and Teachers Together WHECES as your Community Rewards Recipient
  3. Go grocery shopping!

Fifth Grade Paper Caper!

Papers!! Get Your Papers!! Help Support our boots on the ground. Our humble heroes in pocket protectors. Our Teachers. Maybe even more than an apple a day they need PAPERS! It’s the number one requested supply and it will support our fifth graders expenses.
$15 will buy a bundle of 1500 sheets (3 reams). Please order today and the paper will be delivered directly to the classroom with a “donated by” label with you child’s name on it.

Please click here to purchase a COPY PAPER BUNDLE for your teacher!





Note: The link will redirect you to the new PATT payment processing website www.pay4schoolstuff.com. Please login or create account to see all fundraising items sponsored by PATT. Internet Explorer is the RECOMMENDED browser.


To place an order with check, please click here to download and print the form.


Our Volunteers can also answer your questions and  register you at the following events: Picnic, Sneak Peak and Back to School Social.


Please submit any questions to [email protected]