Halloween Parade

Halloween Guidelines
As you are aware, we are having our Halloween Parade on Tuesday, 10/31/2017 at drop off.
The following guidelines regarding Halloween Activities are provided for your use. These guidelines have been developed to allow students to participate in enjoyable, positive and controlled activities, while maintaining student safety.
Students may wear costumes to school. The single, largest criterion is that costumes may not be demeaning to any ethnic group, race, religion, nationality, disability, gender, or individual (staff or student) at the school.
Costumes may not cause a significant disruption or distraction to the school program, i.e., no revealing costumes, such as nightwear or bathing suits, etc.
No props or equipment that are unsafe or weapons, even replica weapons, are to be brought to school.
No costumes are allowed that completely hide the identity of the student, i.e., gorilla suit, “scream” character, clown etc.
No costumes are allowed that would impair the student’s vision or movement (ability to climb stairs).
MASKS CAN ONLY BE WORN during the parade.
All provisions regarding obscene materials or prohibited substances remain in effect.
For the safety of all students, employees, and visitors, no clown costumes are to be worn on any District property. No clown masks nor clown make-up may be worn on any District property.
Thank you for your cooperation.